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How to Store and Organize Your Digital Photos

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In the digital age it is easier than ever to take snapshots of your life.  With so many photos, it can be difficult to keep things accessible. Whether you are a photographer who wants to keep personal and work images separated, or you just want to keep vacation photos safe and easy to access, making sure your photos are organized and backed up is important.  Here are some suggestions:


Get Your Folders in Order

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The first thing you need to do is have your photos organized in proper folders.  Many people take all of their images and simply copy them from their camera or phone and place them all in a single folder with file names that are virtually impossible to decipher.  Finding a specific photo can be a tedious process. Creating folders is the easiest way to manage your own photos.

Start by creating a folder for the specific year, inside that folder create additional folders for each month, and then you can create folders for specific events inside those folders. It may sounds like a lot of folder-making at first, but it is a lot faster and easier to navigate once you start importing images.


Consider Using Software for Photo Management

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Once all of your photos are organized, you may want to use a photo management software to take your images to the next level. With photo management software you can automate things such as moving images to specific folders based on date.  Many software packages have the ability to tag images to make it easier to search for them later. Tagging photos with phrases such as “holiday party” or “senior portrait” or names of people in the photo will allow you to search for those terms later and find the images you are looking for.


Backup Your Photos

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Nothing could be worse than spending all the time it takes to organize your images just to have them all disappear (there are worse things but this is bad too).  Whether you take pictures as a hobby, are a professional photographer, or simply love collecting pictures, taking backups of your images is a must. Having an external hard drive to copy all of your images is a great idea.   Many photography studios use physical media to backup their clients’ work.  But nothing beats cloud storage.  Cloud storage allows you to upload all of your photos to the web so you can access them anywhere you have an internet connection.


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