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With the holidays being here and friends and family gathering to celebrate, it’s often a time of year that results in a lot of pictures. From having your own photos taken by a portrait photographer to send out with Christmas cards to receiving photos from loved ones and taking pictures throughout the holiday season, you are going to end up collecting a lot of pictures.

Instead of simply packing away your photos in a box or tucking them in a standard photo album, there are a lot of ways you can use your holiday photos in more creative ways. Here are a few ideas for pictures collected during the holidays that you may find useful:

Scrapbooking Is The Ultimate Holiday Hobby

Scrapbooks are wonderful ways to transform ordinary photo albums into something extraordinary. With kits available or pieces to explore your creativity, you can create a wonderful scrapbook with all of your holiday photos to look at throughout the year. Scrapbooks also make great gifts to give away to family members or friends that have spent time with you during this special time of year.

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Get Creative With Photo Displays

Photos are extremely versatile and displaying them around your home does not mean you have to use a traditional frame. With just a little creativity and craft supplies you can transform photos—whether they are from your event photographer or your own camera—into custom and unique displays for your home.

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A few ideas to display your holiday photos include:

  • Photo Jars – Simply slip in a photo into a glass jar for a unique way to display your pictures. Even with the picture inside the jars can still be used for dry storage.
  • Wooded Photos – A simply method to make stunning displays is to print off your images on a sheet of wax paper that has been cut to fit your printer. Once you have the image printed on the wax paper, simply lay it on a piece of untreated wood and use a flat surface (such as a library card) to rub the ink from the wax paper onto the wood.
  • Hanging Displays – Another great way to use your photos is to create hanging displays. Punch a small hole in the top of your images and tie a string through it. This string can then be tied to a shelf or on the ceiling to create a unique picture display in your home.
  • Boxes – Another excellent way to use pictures you have collected during the holidays is to create collage boxes out of them. This can add a lot of personality to storage drawers, jewelry boxes, and more.

Use Them To Make Ornaments

What better way to commemorate the holiday season this year than by creating a custom ornament from one of your photos that can be displayed next year. These types of ornaments are excellent if you have a baby and small children so you can cherish their youth every year at the holidays and make a great way to use images printed by a baby photographer.

Using the same wax paper transfer method as above or simply gluing images onto everyday objects such as craft sticks, or even old ornaments, works perfectly. Remember that you want to use something that can be displayed so make sure it is lightweight and able to have a small string attached to it.

Picture ornaments

Create Holiday Gifts To Give Away During The Holidays

No matter how you use your photos, remember that the holiday season is about giving and sharing with others. Using photos—such as a photo of your child by a baby photographer—to create unique gifts is something your family and friends will cherish for a long time. Nothing says you care like personalization, so this year don’t simply mail out plain event photographer photos or tuck them away; get creative and make something unique.

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