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Young Couple Taking Selfie

With iPhones and other camera phones, more pictures are being taken now than ever before. If you look at your Facebook news feed, Instagram account, or Twitter stream you will see hundreds of new pictures being added every single day. With photography so accessible today, does that mean traditional family portraits are finished? Absolutely not.

No matter how advanced smartphone cameras become, family portraits will always be relevant. Here are a few reasons traditional photography will stick around as long as people want pictures.


Professional Portraits Are Better Suited For Print

Family Portrait

Photographs taken on a mobile device are made to be displayed digitally. While they can look good on the phone, when they are blown up as a print, the difference in an iPhone picture and a professional photograph really comes through.

If you are considering having a large family portrait printed for your home, especially large enough to fit over a mantle, the depth and sharpness that you will get from a professional portrait photographer will be almost incomparable to what limited resolution the iPhone has.


A Professional Portrait Photographer Captures The Best Views

Family Huddle

No matter how good the lens develops in the iPhone or what filters are created by app developers, there is one thing that it simply cannot produce out of the box: professional photography experience. For a family portrait, a portrait photographer is going to know how to pose everyone and how to bring out the most in each photograph taken. This kind of experience is going to give your family photos the emotion they need to truly capture your family.


No One Is Going To Be Missing

Big family

Perhaps the biggest downside to having someone use an iPhone for a family portrait is the most obvious one: someone has to be behind the phone taking the picture. With a dedicated photographer using his or her own equipment, everyone will be able to get in the picture at the same time.

One common argument for this is that you could let someone else borrow your phone to take the image, but no matter where you are no one is going to want to sit around using your iPhone to take 50 different shots of your family. But a portrait photographer will do exactly that.


Finding The Right Photographer Is Essential

Happy Photographer

Family portraits will always be important, no matter how advanced iPhones become. There’s something special about having a high quality print of you and your family to frame and place in your home. The key to great photographs is having a portrait photographer that fits with your family and style. Are you looking for a very formal pose? Prefer a more candid approach to a family portrait? Discussing everything with potential photographers and studying their portfolio will allow you to find someone that fits perfectly with your family’s personality.


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